I'm up for it!

27 January 12:00 - 13:00Urban Ride

By popular demand our combined workout in collaboration with Urban Ride is back in 2018!

Let's face it, up until January 3rd we have lots of good will and new years resolutions to be healthier, try new things and workout more and then reality kicks in and routine takes over and we find ourselves rushing again. And it's ok!

That's when we come in. We've brought together two very fun and efficient workouts that will, in 1hour, give you the kick, the novelty and the adrenaline rush you need!

This time, in addition to the best spinning class in town, we've teamed up with Elin from BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT who will challenge you to see things from another angle, upside down!

Join us for a handstand 101 class standing on your hands (or like us, trying) and then working those legs on the bikes! Perfect combo or what?

The event will be held in Swedish or English /depending on the guest sign up.

For more information contact Best of You at contact@bestofyou.se. 

Looking forward to meeting you.

I'm up for it!

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